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Do you need help walking your dog? Are you planning to travel without your pets? I help with dog walking, cat care, & overnight pet care in Downtown San Jose, Willow Glen, Cambrian, & Campbell.

I'm insured to stay overnight in your home with your pets — a less stressful experience for them than a kennel — they stay in their familiar home & you can be confident they are getting high-quality, caring support while you travel.

November Tip o' the Month

Saying "Goodbye"

I received the email early in the morning on Tuesday. My long-term client wrote to me sorrowfully that she and her family made the decision to put their two elderly dogs to sleep. She let me know she chose Friday because, that way, I could say goodby to both pups when I made my regular visit to walk them on Thursday.

She added, "Of course, only if you want to."

Of course, I did. And, I didn't. Which gets to my message this month. Your pets give their all to make you happy. They are loyal to you, they invite you to become one of their pack. Some are very sensitive to your feelings and know intuitively when you need protection or empathy. They are there for you.

When that time comes and their lives become harder for them and they are suffering, you have that decision to make. If you make that decision, be there for them the way they have been there for you during their lifetime. Hold them, be with them, let your face and loving touch be the last thing they see and feel as they cross that rainbow bridge.

I did say goodbye to my little buddies that Thursday. We went for a walk and then gave them both a little back rub and a scratch behind the ears, all the attention they both love.

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COVID-19 Protocols

Dog Walks | Drop-in Visits

I am fully vaxxed now, so depending on your comfort level, I can either come into your house, or meet you at the door.

If you have other preferences, I’ll work with you to come up with the best solutions for you and your pet.

After playtime (for dogs, cats, or other animals), I wipe any toys/balls I touch with a disinfecting wipe.

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